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Youth basketball is an action-packed team sport, which boosts kids’ confidence, athleticism and sense of self. By working together and pushing themselves and their bodies to the limit, young players gain life-changing skills that help them grow into better players, better students and better people.

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$70/per child

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Health & Well-being

Basketball promotes cardiovascular health and strength of mind and character. As kids learn to dribble, pass, shoot and score, they’re having fun and learning the benefits of exercise. It’s the best of both worlds, laying the groundwork for a healthy future.


Youth basketball players learn to work together, with their collection eye on reaching a shared goal. By working together to move the ball up and down the court, kids learn the virtues of teamwork, a positive skill they’ll need as athletes, students and professionals.


The bonds formed on the court are second to none, and inspire friendship and an unwavering sense of community. These are friendships that, often, transcend the court, helping kids gain confidence, stability and a brighter outlook.

Discipline & Motivation

There’s no better way to learn self-discipline and personal motivation than being part of a basketball team. Players gain a sense of responsibility from day one, and see how their contribution supports the team as a whole.

EXCEL On And Off The Court

Help your kids gain the skills they need to excel on the court and off. Teams are rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ, ensuring players learn the right path in sports and in life.

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