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A Lifetime of Touchdowns

At Legacy Sports Outreach, hitting the gridiron means being the best possible version of yourself — a good leader, a good team player and a good person, who’s committed to their teams and to their community. The skills youth football players learn on the field transcend the game, building a positive foundation that will help them in sports, in school and in the church.


Flag football requires agility, speed and strength of mind, body and character. Teams focus on supporting youth players in building these strong foundations and encouraging a lifetime of wellness — both helping them excel on the field and off.

Work Ethic

Being a powerhouse on the football field means committing to something bigger than yourself — and, more importantly, working hard to achieve that goal. The end result? A rock solid work ethic that teaches kids the value of commitment, determination and effort.

Team-First Mentality

On the gridiron, every play is driven by a team, not an individual team member. By approaching practices and games through this team-first lens, kids learn the importance of putting something bigger ahead of themselves — a vital life skill they’ll carry with them for life.


Confidence, determination, focus and strength of character — they’re all vital skills kids learn on the football field. By encouraging and supporting these qualities, coaches and parents help kids gain the leadership traits that will help them succeed in school, in sports and in the community.

Bringing Memphis Together

It’s all part of the Legacy Sports Outreach equation — something that’s woven into the fabric of every league, every team and every game. Learn more about this unique, belief-rich program and find a team for your young player. Register now and discover the Legacy difference.

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